11/22/2019 - Hanan Shaul - Israel - No Injury

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11/22/2019 - Hanan Shaul - Israel - No Injury

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Horrified snorkeler attacked in terrifying encounter as huge shark rips through equipment
A MAN survived a run in with a shark off the Hadera coast in an “extremely powerful attack”.

Last Friday, Hanan Shaul, a resident of Safed in the country's north, traveled to Hadera in Israel to snorkel dive with a couple friends.

The hot water flowing from the industrial plant on the coast of Hadera annually draws schools of sharks that are increasingly endangered by overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sandbar and dusky sharks have been sighted around the power plant for decades, but scientists only started collecting data two years ago. According to researchers, the fact that hundreds flock exclusively to the Hadera power plant every winter qualifies as "a legitimate and rare phenomenon."

Speaking about the attack Mr Shaul told Israel Hayom about the near miss: "Suddenly a shark caught my flipper and started thrashing my leg. It was extremely powerful. Thankfully, he only ripped off the flipper and it ended there,

"This time it ended with a flipper – it could have ended much worse," Mr Shaul recounted.

"Two days ago I waded into the sea… and after about an hour in the water I moved to an area near the Hadera power station, which is where I met the sharks.”

Last weekend the Israel Nature and Parks Authority warned the public not to dive near the sharks that gather from December to April near the power station. But despite the warnings Mr Shaul found himself in the midst of the sharks unaware of their presence.

"During the dive, I drifted around 10 yards away from my two friends. Other than the three of us, there were only fishermen in the area. I was in murky waters some 30 yards from the beach when I started swimming to shore," said Mr Shaul, who was about to face one of the sharks first hand.

Mr Shaul went further suggesting ways he would avoid such attacks in future: "I'm not so experienced, but after that incident, I make sure to follow safety regulations much closer – to stay together with diving partners, because usually when sharks see a group of humans they're more hesitant to attack.

“It's also advisable to stay away from murky waters, so you can maintain a better field of vision. Additionally, you need to stay calm; in other words, if you start splashing around the shark could mistake you for prey.”

Mr Shaul concluding: “It's very important to follow safety regulations. It could have ended far worse than it did,"

The shifting climate of the mediterranean has created out of the ordinary pockets of sharks, which thrive in and seek out warm water.

Scientists say the waters have never been warmer due to climate change and the recent expansion of the Suez canal which meant more Red Sea waters (among the warmest waters in the world).

The near miss comes as a Great White Shark sighting off Bondi Beach in Australia caused terror with surfers scrambling out of the water as authorities sounded shark warning alarms.

The beast was reportedly seen in the shallows, indicating it had make its way past the beach’s shark nets. Surfing website Aquabumps reported the shark was seen by two surfers.

It said: “Two dudes said they saw a two-metre great white shark swimming in the lineup at South Bondi.”
Great Barrier Reef: Attenborough says shark can survive on land

However, there is some doubt about whether the shark was as large as reported.

Speaking to the Daily Mail a Waverly Council spokesman said lifeguards only spotted a baby shark.

He said: “The alarm was sounded following a sighting.

“However, on inspection, it was a baby shark and did not warrant an evacuation.”

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