01/10/2019 - 60 yr old female - Australia

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01/10/2019 - 60 yr old female - Australia

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QAS: Shark attack injuries serious but not fatal

THE injuries sustained by two victims who were attacked by a shark are serious, but not fatal according to Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Ross Vickers.

Mr Vickers said after the alarm was raised, the young girl was transported by Hamilton Island paramedics to the medical centre for treatment.
He said the woman who is in her 60's was treated for "minor injuries for her lower leg"
while the young girl received treatment for a "soft tissue injury".

"This has not threatened the viability of her leg at all. There is no life-threatening or any other life-threatening injury," he said.

Mr Vickers said current plans are still in place to transport the young girl to Proserpine Hospital.

The relationship between the two victims is still unknown.

Update 11.08: A "very young female child" will be transported to Proserpine Hospital after sustaining serious injuries during a shark attack on Hamilton Island.

A spokesperson from the Queensland Ambulance Service said the child and
a woman, in her 60s, were attacked by a shark while in "very shallow water" at Catseye Beach on the Island.
The pair were both being treated on Hamilton Island Medical Centre. A report from paramedics says the child is suffering severe lacerations to her foot and her toe, while the woman received injuries to her leg.

QAS became aware of the attack this morning at 9.30am when they responded to the incident.

The young girl, who reportedly suffered the most severe injuries will be transported to the Proserpine Hospital by a Volunteer Marine Rescue Crew, according to QAS.

A VMR crew has been assembled- it is expected the patient will arrive at the hospital within two hours.

Both patients are in a "stable condition" the QAS spokesperson said.


Queensland Ambulance and Emergency Services have reported a shark attack in shallow beach water on Hamilton Island.

Two shark bites have been reported.

Patients are being treated at Hamilton Island Medical Centre.

One patient sustained a foot injury and the second patient a leg injury.

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