10/17/2015 - Albertina Cavel - Mozambique ***Fatal***

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10/17/2015 - Albertina Cavel - Mozambique ***Fatal***

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The Hunt Is On For Killer Shark In Inhambane, Mozambique

(2015-10-21) Inhambane Maritime Administration yesterday launched a hunt for the shark that has been creating havoc in Inhambane Bay since last week, attacking fishermen and tourists alike.

Maritime Administrator in Inhambane, Américo Sitoe, said yesterday that his institution was investigating two incidents involving fishermen on the beach last week, one of which proved fatal.

The first incident happened in Maxixe, where fisherman Alberto Rafael was attacked as he left the water carrying a full basket of fish, and lost an arm as a result.

The second incident took place last Saturday near Nhaduga, also in Inhambane bay, where Albertina Cavel, a fisherwoman who was catching shrimp, was attacked by a shark, dying later at the provincial hospital while undergoing surgery.

Mother of two Albertina, aged 35, was in the water with two friends for their usual daily fishing activity to support their families when she was attacked without warning. Her companions got her to shore and to the nearest hospital emergency rooms, but doctors there were unable to save her.

Two days before the attack on Alberto Rafael, who is still undergoing treatment in Chicuque Hospital, a boat carrying tourists was also attacked by a shark near Tofinho beach. The next day, according to the same reports, a dolphin was found dead on the beach there with what looked like signs of a shark attack.

Américo Sitoe said that an investigation to identify the creature responsible for the attacks and if possible kill it was obviously needed, so that bathers could once again enjoy the beach as a place of leisure, and fishermen and women again regard the sea as a safe workplace.

Source: Notícias via clubofmozambique.com

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