08/29/2015 - Daniel Phillips - California - No Injury

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08/29/2015 - Daniel Phillips - California - No Injury

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Daniel Phillips was surfing with Roston Johnson. Phillips recalled:
“I was 30 feet outside the line up sitting on top of a sand bar where occasionally big
waves would break every 15 or so minutes. I was the furthest out with the nearest
surfer approximately 20 feet towards the beach from my position. He and about nine
other surfers observed the shark during my encounter. I feel that it is necessary to
note that my hand was bleeding from a minor injury. I did not see the shark before it
struck me the first time on the right-hand side of my board at an upward angle and at
a speed of 15 to 20 mph. It moved me 90 degrees to the left and I saw its entire body,
including the black eyes, massive dorsal fin, and finally the entire mass of its body.
The second time it struck my leg at the top of my calf near my knee cap at a speed of
15 to 20 mph after turning around and swimming to a distance adequate to build up its
speed to knock me from my board. However the second time the shark rolled its eyes
but did not open its mouth when it hit me on the left side. It folded my leg under the
board and moved me another 90 degrees to the left as it passed beneath me hitting
my leg with its fins. It was at this point that I popped up on my knees and began to
paddle for shore, as the shark had repositioned me so that I was facing directly
towards the beach.
“I looked back and saw the shark swim around in an arching pattern as it followed
another surfer with a red long board that had also began to head toward shore. The
shark turned and swam under another surfer with a blue long board that was also
paddling in to the beach. As the shark passed the second surfer the shark turned
toward me a third time and increased its speed to 20 to 25 mph. This time not only did
it roll its eyes but it opened its mouth as it headed towards me. Luckily it passed
beneath me and I just barely made it past the shark before it broke the surface of the
water behind me. I just continued to paddle until I was paddling into the sand. Several
surfers, including Roston asked if I was OK when we had all reached the safety of the
beach. I was a little traumatized but thankfully no permanent injury.”
After Phillips reached the beach he realized his father was still surfing so he paddled back
out to warn him. Knowing what was in the water, he said it “was a very nerve racking

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