02/05/2015 - Ben McPhee - Australia

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02/05/2015 - Ben McPhee - Australia

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Merewether Beach New South Wales Australia Shark Attack - Shark Attacks in Australia

Bodysurfer bitten by shark at Merewether Beach as 1.8m shark spotted at Bar Beach

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ...

With several Newcastle beaches already closed due to rough weather, a shark sighting has prompted lifeguards to give swimmers a double reminder about taking the plunge.

A 1.8-metre shark has been spotted off Bar Beach on Friday morning, while a person was bitten by a small shark at nearby Merewether Beach on Thursday night.

Several Newcastle beaches had already been closed on Friday by lifeguards due to rough seas, but signs have since been erected warning of shark sightings.

A City of Newcastle Council spokesperson said the person bitten by a shark on Thursday appears to have minor injuries to the leg. “We’re getting all of this third hand because it was not reported to our lifeguards, they were off duty at the time, but someone was reportedly bitten by a bull shark, or the person thought it was a two foot (61cm) bull shark,” she told AAP on Friday.

“I have also seen a picture on social media of the person’s leg with a few little holes in it. So not to downplay it because any kind of shark bite is serious, but it’s very minor.”

The bodysurfer, under the profile name Pedroflores, posted an Instagram photo of his bleeding leg.

‘‘Got me! Tagged by #Bruce well, maybe his little brother. #sharkbite’’,” he wrote.

Surf photographer Rod Owen also posted photo of the wounds on Instagram on Thursday.

‘‘Remember when your mum said don’t swim after dark! @pedroflores getting very lucky with a nibble from a pesky bull #shark at #merewether beach, #Newcastle this evening. Glad your [sic] ok son!’’,” he posted.

Beaches around Newcastle were shut for a record nine days in January after repeated sightings of a five-metre great white shark, nicknamed Bruce.

Lifeguards will continue to warn swimmers about the recent sightings and patrol on jet skis to keep an eye out for further activity.

“(But) usually what happens is the shark will take off the same day,” the spokesperson said.

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