12/28/2014 - Male - Australia

We list all 2014 Shark Attacks Latest Recent Shark Attacks 2014 or Attack these include attacks and other shark related incidents for ocean goers safety...
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12/28/2014 - Male - Australia

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Man bitten by shark after falling on to catch in fishing boat


A man in his 40s is being treated for a shark bite after tripping and falling onto the animal in his fishing boat off Victoria's east coast.

The man caught the 1.5 metre shark at Paradise Beach this morning and pulled it onto the boat.

But he tripped and fell on to the shark, which then bit his leg, John Mullen from Ambulance Victoria said.

"As the shark has been pulled into the boat, he's either fallen on it, or it's lunged at him and taken a piece out of his lower leg, and it's caused quite a serious laceration to his calf," Mr Mullen said.

Mr Mullen said the man had to be taken along the beach for treatment, instead of over the sand dunes, because of snakes in the region.

"Getting access to him has been a problem because sand dunes all along that area are apparently renowned of brown snakes, so there had to be a bit of care," he said.

"The SES were involved in the process of getting the man and then bringing him back to the ambulance area.

"He's been treated and stabilised at the scene by paramedics, and the bleeding has been stopped, he's now in the process of being transported to Sale Hospital in a serious but stable condition."

Source: ABC News.

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