08/10/2014 - Male - Florida

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08/10/2014 - Male - Florida

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South Florida Shark Attack: Man Gets Bit While Standing In Waist-Deep Water

Shark Attack

A South Florida shark attack happened to a 26-year-old man while he was standing in waist-deep water on Hallandale Beach. Broward Palm Beach News Times reports that the incident happened Sunday.

Hallandale Beach city management spokesman Peter Dobens tells the news source:

“The lifeguards couldn’t determine what kind of shark it was, but they definitely saw a shadow in the water.”

As soon as unidentified man felt the shark bite down on his foot, he thrashed around until it decided to let go and swim away. When he got back to shore, he waved down lifeguards, who knew by looking at the blood on his foot that it was a shark.

Dobens describes the man’s injury as a “clear half-moon bite mark.” He says the beach visitor had a “good-sized bite” and was treated at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood for severe lacerations. According to the report, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Dobens adds that this is the first shark attack at Hallandale Beach in three years since he’s worked for the city.

The Inquisitr has written on a vast number of shark attacks around Florida. There was an instance just days ago when multiple children were bit and a third grader severely hurt his tendon while in Brevard County. Another attack was blamed on bait fishing.

According to a USA Today report just released, several professionals in tourism voiced their opinions on how sharks are affecting the $2.8 billion industry.

Mark Grainger, owner of Florida Air Tours, shares how being famous for having so many sharks is affecting tourism. He begins by saying although they’re plentiful in ocean waters there, an actual sighting is “rare.”

Grainger says:

“We advertise that we show wildlife on our tours. But I don’t advertise sharks, only because it’s something I can’t absolutely guarantee someone can see. I can guarantee they’re going to see a manatee, or dolphin. If there were more sharks to see, that would be an interesting angle.”

Jim Ridenour, a member of the Brevard County Tourism Development Council and general manager at the Residence Inn Melbourne and the Courtyard by Marriott Melbourne West, claims that within the last 10 years, sharks haven’t been a real issue.

Ridenour tells USA Today:

“We have not had the issue here that they have had in Daytona, where there are shark bites almost every week,” said Ridenour,

“I tend to think that rip currents are more of a concern than sharks are.”

A good piece of advice is mentioned by Laurilee Thompson, owner Dixie Crossroads Restaurant in Titusville. A good way to avoid a Florida shark attack — or anywhere else for that matter — is to remove any shiny jewelry and stay away from bait fish. She says public officials are legally obligated to tell people this.

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