05/31/2009 Zhang Sanqian ( Taiwan )

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05/31/2009 Zhang Sanqian ( Taiwan )

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Chinese deckhand on Taiwanese fishing boat bitten by shark

Central News Agency
2009-05-31 08:39 PM

Taitung County, May 31 (CNA) A Chinese deckhand on a Taiwanese fishing boat suffered serious shark bite injuries aboard the boat Sunday while trying to move the seemingly unconscious fish to a freezer.

Officials from the Coast Guard Administration's 15th flotilla said they received a radio request for help from the skipper of the Chin Sheng Fa 13 to help Zhang Sanqian, 46, a native from Fujian province who was bleeding profusely because of the shark bites.

Zhang was given first aid treatment by health workers at a clinic on Green Island to stop bleeding before a helicopter from the National Airborne Services Corps lifted him to the Taitung branch of Macay Memorial Hospital in southeastern Taiwan for further treatment.

CGA officials quoted other crew members of Chin Sheng Fa 13 as saying that the crew caught the 80-kilogram shark in waters near Green Island during an operation to catch hake.

After Zhang and five other deckhands pulled the shark onto the deck, they had the fish electrocuted. As Zhang tried to pull the seemingly unconscious shark toward the freezer, it suddenly attacked him twice with its razor-sharp teeth, wounding his knee and tearing off large chunks of flesh from the back of his left lower leg.

Doctors at Macay Hospital said that Zhang needed 54 stitches to close the wounds, and that he was "out of danger" by noon. However, the doctors decided that Zhang should remain in an intensive care unit for a few days to prevent wound infection.

(By Han Nai-kuo)

http://www.etaiwannews.com/etn/news_con ... g=eng_news

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