11/28/2008 unknown ( Egypt )

Worldwide Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents in 2008.
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Re: 11/28/2008 unknown ( Egypt )

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Google translation:

Please note that I have not scored a shark attack, but bite.
Indeed, the days of our arrival Marsa 28/11 Shagra the last, we learn that a diver was bitten that morning by one of longimanus on Elphinstone. The diver in question was part of the Shark Scool, a kind of shark special course, organized at the Ecolodge Marsa Shagra.
The incident happened while the gropue was diving at the end, a longi probably a little curious came rub divers, and one of them wanting to push slipped his fingers in his mouth. Obviously, it helps not!
Results for courses, diver evacuated to Hurghada (whole, I say, with 10 fingers), longis parties, and a good dose of adrenaline for the guide ....
This incident is not isolated, with worries about longis Elphinstone begins to accumulate.
I guide on Cruises, 5 years ago, and I have already witnessed an outflow of water in emergencies, jumps right in the middle of sharks furious. Longi a female who had been injured by the propeller of a zodiac even fatally wounded a young woman at the time.
Today, 5 years later nothing has changed, the crews of boats continue to excite the sharks, divers are not properly briefed, such glitches may be repeated often ...

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11/28/2008 unknown ( Egypt )

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Date: November 28, 2008.
Location: Elphinstone, Egypt.

Diver was reportedly bitten by an Oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus).
- Injuries to hand .

Reference: plongeur.com

Posted on 23.12.2008
Je vous prie de noter que je n'ai pas marqué attaque de requin, mais morsure.
En effet, le jour de notre arrivée a Marsa shagra le 28/11 dernier, nous apprenons qu'un plongeur a ete mordu le matin même par un des longimanus sur elphinstone. Le plongeur en question faisait partie de la Shark Scool, une sorte de stage spécial requin, organisé à l'Ecolodge de Marsa Shagra.
L'incident est arrivé alors que le gropue était en fin de plongée, un longi sans doute un peu curieux est venu se frotter aux plongeurs, et l'un d'eux en voulant le repousser a glissé ses doigts dans sa gueule. Forcément, ça aide pas!



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