12/29/2008 Boat Sank ( Australia ) No Injury

Worldwide Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents in 2008.
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12/29/2008 Boat Sank ( Australia ) No Injury

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Second shark attack off Perth beach

Shark attack victim Brian Guest

The body of Brian Guest has not been found after he was attacked by a great white shark at the weekend. (ABC)

A great white shark believed to be responsible for a fatal attack at a beach south of Perth at the weekend has attacked a small dinghy off the same beach.

Fisheries officers say the shark attacked a five metre dinghy this morning causing it to take on water.

A married couple onboard the dinghy radioed for help and were picked up by a fisheries boat before their boat sank.

Fisheries spokesman Tony Cappelluti says it is not known if it is the same shark that attacked and killed 51-year-old bank manager Brian Guest at the same beach at the weekend.

"It's almost impossible to say it's the same shark given the time that's lapsed between Saturday and today," he said.

"So as I said we won't be trying to draw any conclusions between the shark attack at the weekend and this shark attack in terms if it maybe being the same shark.

Mr Guest's family has requested that authorities do not kill the shark.

However, in the wake of a second attack it is understood authorities are now considering if the shark should be destroyed.

The Police Minister, Rob Johnson, says he is concerned about the latest incident and will speak to relevant ministers about the possibility of increasing aerial shark patrols.

"If we are going to see more sharks come in and risk human lives...I obviously think we will have to do what ever's necessary and I'd be more than happy to talk to my ministerial colleagues who have particular responsibility for that area," he said.

Another shark has been spotted at Quinns Beach, north of Perth.

Lifeguards have evacuated the beach and it will be closed until further notice.

http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008 ... ion=justin

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