12/27/2008 Steve Kulcsar ( Australia ) No Injury

Worldwide Reported Shark Attack Related Incidents in 2008.
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12/27/2008 Steve Kulcsar ( Australia ) No Injury

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Shark attack caught on camera

A group of kayakers and fishermen have survived a close encounter with a shark believed to be a great white off Long Reef north of Sydney The encounter happened on Saturday ( December 27) the same day a suspected shark attack in is believed to have taken the life of Brian Guest who was snorkelling in Western Australia.

The fishermen managed to capture the encounter on video camera.
29-year-old Steve Kulcsar on his kayak
29-year-old Steve Kulcsar on his kayak
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The fishermen alerted the kayakers to the danger after spotting a large fin in the water. The shark then bumped 29-year-old Steve Kulcsar's kayak, sending him into the water with the five metre animal.

Steve was able to scramble onto his kayak again and was then pulled into the fishermen's boat. The other kayakers "rafted" their kayaks against the fishing boat in an effort to find safety until the shark eventually swam away some ten harrowing minutes later.

"This thing comes up behind the boat, it lifts up, it would've been eye-level with the guy going next to his kayak. He looked. We thought he's dead." said Kayaker Rick Darmanin once safely back on dry land.

Fisherman Darryl Domoney spoke of the attempt to scare the large predator away.

"We actually hit him in the head with the prop. And then we seen him go five metres, ten metres and a bit more out to sea." Domoney said.

These two incidents, along with other sightings and beach closures have seen some calling for a "culling".

But marine experts say that's an "ill-informed" approach.

"The idea of a cull on these species is very ill-informed in my mind, they are a key part of the
ecosystem." marine biologist Keiran Mackenzie said.

A sentiment echoed by Daniel Guest son of missing Brian Guest, yesterday's victim of a suspected shark attack near Rockingham, Western Australia. "This is their territory. You know, and they're going to do what they're going to do." Daniel said today when he returned to the scene of his father's disappearance with fellow mourners.

The sharks involved in both attacks yesterday are believed to be White Pointers, a protected species which means they will be not be culled.


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