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12/21/2007 Sam Judd (Galapagos Islands, near Ecuador)

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12/21/2007 Sam Judd (Galapagos Islands, near Ecuador)

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Shark attack victim discharges himself from hospital
Tue, 25 Dec 2007 07:31p.m.
Sam Rudd
The young New Zealand surfer attacked by a shark in the Galapagos Islands is now back at his rented cottage, having discharged himself from the local hospital.

Sam Judd has had 23 stiches following his encounter with a shark.

“I’m pretty glad it wasn’t an overly serious injury because the hospital was pretty terrible,” Mr Judd told 3 News.

Mr Judd arrived at he hospital wounded an in shock, but before staff could begin patching him up, his mate had to make an emergency dash.

“They didn’t have the supplies there in the hospital,” Mr Judd revealed.

“I sort of said ‘guys look I’ve got travel insurance. This is all going to be paid for, just pull the stuff out and stitch me up.’ I’m like lying there with a gaping wound in my leg.”

Mr Judd says if it was not for his small first aid kit along with his two mates, the situation could have been much worse.

While the ordeal has been stressful, it has not dimmed Mr Judd’s passion for the waves or the unique wildlife of the Galapagos.

http://www.tv3.co.nz/News/Story/tabid/2 ... fault.aspx
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