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12/30/2023 Jason Carter Pāʻia Bay Maui Hawaii *** Fatal ***

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12/30/2023 Jason Carter Pāʻia Bay Maui Hawaii *** Fatal ***

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Fatak shark attack Maui Shark Attack in Hawaii

Surfer Killed in Maui Shark Attack, Beaches Closed for Safety Concerns
A surfer has died following a shark attack on Maui.

The incident occurred on Saturday, December 30, 2023 at Pāʻia Bay just after 11:00 am. The victim was an as-of-yet unidentified 39-year-old male from Haiku.

Following the attack, rescue crews brought the man to shore via jetski and performed life-saving measures. Then, he was transported Maui Memorial Medical Center, where he later died from his injuries.

Here’s more information, including updates, from the County of Maui:

UPDATE: On Saturday, December 30, 2023, at approximately 11:19 a.m., Maui police responded to the beach area of 93 Hana Highway in Paia regarding a miscellaneous type incident.

Upon arrival, Ocean Safety Officers were transporting a male who sustained injuries from a shark encounter via jet ski to shore. Once onshore, life-saving measures were performed by first responder personnel until medic personnel arrived to transport the male to the Maui Memorial Medical Center for further treatment.

The 39-year-old male from Haiku later succumbed to his injuries and died. (The victim’s identity is being withheld for 24 hours to allow his family an opportunity to notify their extended family and friends).

The investigation is ongoing; no additional information is available.

UPDATE: The 39-year-old man from Haʻikū who encountered a shark on Saturday while surfing at Pāʻia Bay has died, according to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Maui Fire and Ocean Safety officials removed the victim from the water and initiated medical care along with EMS, according to the Maui Fire Department.

The man was taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

His identity has not been released pending next-of-kin notification.

ORIGINAL POST: County of Maui parks — Baldwin Beach Park and Lower Pā’ia Park (Baby Beach) — were closed today due to a shark incident involving a 39-year-old Ha`ikū male who was surfing in the area.

Maui Fire Department officials say the incident happened at 11:12 a.m.

Responders are patrolling the area on shore and on jet skis, according to MFD.

Of course, Maui is no stranger to shark attacks. Just a couple months ago, a surfer was launched in the air after an attack from a 12-foot Galapagos shark; a local surfer, Rob Warren, was attacked and later died near Honolua Bay in 2020, which inadvertently altered women’s professional surfing forever; and National Geographic conducted an investigation, finding that most Hawaii shark attacks happen on Maui.

In this particular incident, the size and species of shark, in addition to the victim’s identity, have yet to be revealed. This is a developing story.

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