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12/18/2023 Matteo Mariotti Queensland Australia

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12/18/2023 Matteo Mariotti Queensland Australia

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WATCH: Italian man shares a clip of Shark attack on himself

In a harrowing incident off the coast of Queensland, Australia, last week, Matteo Mariotti, was attacked by a shark while snorkelling.

Italian College Student Documents Shark Attack Ordeal Off Australian Coast
Italian college student, Matteo Mariotti, bravely survives shark attack while snorkelling off Queensland. Documenting the encounter, he shares a gripping farewell and gratitude on social media.

In a chilling encounter off the coast of Queensland, Australia, Matteo Mariotti, a 20-year-old Italian college student, faced a life-threatening situation while snorkelling last week. The harrowing incident unfolded as Mariotti, equipped with a camera, began filming moments after being bitten by a shark.

Facing the unseen threat

Motivated by the desire to bid farewell to his loved ones in case of a subsequent attack, Mariotti captured the terrifying ordeal on camera. The footage, posted on his Instagram feed four days after the December 8 attack, revealed the intense moments as Mariotti faced the unexpected threat beneath the waves.

"I started this video a few moments after the last bite. I wanted to say goodbye. I never thought I'd survive that monster," Mariotti wrote alongside the video. He continued, "I lost so much blood and my leg. I don't know if they're going to cut it all off or if it's going to be left in half, but it doesn't matter now. You are my heroes; you give me strength to carry on with your texts and calls; my only dream is to see you again."

Shocking reality captured on film

The video exposes the shocking reality of the attack as Mariotti, snorkelling close to the shore, was confronted by the creature. His clothes were torn, and the water around him quickly turned red with blood. The incident highlights the unpredictable nature of marine encounters and serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking beneath the surface, even in seemingly tranquil waters.

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