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08/21/2023 Fisherman 100 miles off Portugal

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08/21/2023 Fisherman 100 miles off Portugal

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Fisherman airlifted to hospital after shark bite off coast of Portugal

A fisherman was airlifted to hospital after being bitten by a blue shark 100 miles off the coast of Portugal.

The fisherman, 35, from Indonesia, is recovering in hospital after the incident just west of Vila do Conde, according to local reports.

It isn't currently known how he was bitten but it is possible the shark was hauled onto the boat in the nets, according to PortugalResident.

An SOS call was sent and a Naval medical rescue helicopter was sent to the boat.

The call was received on Wednesday 16 August evening and the man was transported to Porto airport, just before midnight.

The man is in a stable condition.

Blue sharks are not known for attacking people and in this case, it may have been because it was distressed.

The British Sea Fishing website said: “Blue shark attacks on humans are extremely rare but have been recorded.

"In total, on a worldwide basis, there are four confirmed cases of fatal blue shark attacks on humans with 25 confirmed non-fatal attacks.”

A blue shark was spotted at Praia Beach in Espinho, Portugal last month. Locals and tourists had to clear the sea after the shark was spotted.

It followed sightings of the same species of shark close to Spanish beaches the month before.

Five sharks came close to the shoreline in different parts of Spain in June, within 10 days.

The first incident took place on June 15 when bathers were filmed leaving the water Aquamarina beach in Orihuela south of Alicante.

Also that day, a blue shark was spotted inside Ciutadella Port in Menorca. On June 24, another was filmed at a small cove in Ibiza called Calo des Moltons on June 24.

Last Thursday, a swimmer was attacked at Rabdells Beach in Oliva, Valencia.

It was reported that the shark had become "confused" and swam into shallow water.

And on Sunday, beachgoers were distressed after two blue sharks were seen off the coast of Portbou in the Catalan border province of Girona.

Following the incident, Portbou mayor Gael Rodrigues issued a message of reassurance saying: "Portbou beach is completely safe."

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