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04/12/2023 Alex Duberti Palm Beach Florida No Injury

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04/12/2023 Alex Duberti Palm Beach Florida No Injury

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South Florida kayaker recounts encounter with shark – WSVN 7News | Miami Information, Climate, Sports activities

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) – A South Florida ocean kayaker is sharing his story following an encounter with a shark and it was all caught on video.

When you fish in the ocean off the coast in South Florida, you’re bound to reel in some big stories, but Alex Duberti’s best story yet never made it onto the boat. In fact, it flipped him right out of it.

“Man, I thought the moment I was in the water, I thought this is it. It’s coming for me,” he said.

It was Easter Sunday, Duberti and his friends launched at sunrise from Boca Raton. In just a couple of hours, he’d already reeled in a wahoo and a kingfish.

He was paddling back to his sweet spot at 140 feet to try for another.

From his home in Coral Springs, he shared with 7News what happened next.

“And when I started moving,” said Duberti, “letting my other bait go away from the kayak, I felt a big hit on my right side and made a huge splash.”

Duberti said the shark hit twice, first on the side. That one wasn’t a problem. There was no damage and it didn’t knock him over, but the second one sure did, toppling the kayak right over and leaving teeth marks behind.

“You know, you have that feeling on your legs that something is going to take your legs off? That’s the first thing I thought,” he said.

His second thought was to get back in the boat, which he was able to do with the help of a friend.

Duberti is certain it was a big shark that flipped him over.

“My opinion, could have been a bull shark or maybe even a tiger shark, ’cause I heard they attack the turtles more than other fish,” Duberti said.

Whatever it was, it had a big mouth and sharp teeth.

“He left a big hole right here,” he said, “some other holes, big gash, so his mouth is like, I don’t know, yeah, it looks big. I do not know.”

Duberti loves fishing too much to let this scare keep him on shore long.

As soon as he fixes these holes and replaces all the poles he lost, he’ll get back out here, but the encounter taught him a valuable lesson he wants every fisherman to know: don’t be out here by yourself.

“That’s what the three of us do,” Duberti said. “You never know what can happen, bro.”

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