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09/06/2020 - Male - Florida

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09/06/2020 - Male - Florida

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Florida Man Gets Bittern By Nurse Shark That Latched On To His Arm; Video Breaks Internet
Filmed at Jensen Beach in state of Florida, US, the swimmer was reported to have deliberately held the fish out of the water and acted like it was no big deal.

A footage of a Florida man who grabs a nurse shark with bare hands from the sea that later latches onto his hand and bites him has stunned the internet. In the now-viral footage on Facebook, filmed at Jensen Beach in the state of Florida, US, the swimmer was reported to have deliberately held the fish out of the water and acted like it was no big deal after the fish clung onto his arm. The gray nurse shark then dug its teeth into the man’s hand after he tried to cradle the ferocious sea creature.

A Martin County Fire Rescue spokeswoman confirmed with the local media reports that the crew responded to the distress call just after 1 p.m. after the fish wouldn’t let go of the man’s arm. Bystander Jeremy Porter shot the incident in his phone as chaos burst out at the scene with several beachgoers trying to separate the fish from the man’s arm. Additionally, an MCFR crew attempted to pull the nurse shark away as people gathered to witness the horrendous scene. Although, the man acted like it was normal. Authorities poured alcohol on the fish, while a victim was heard saying that the creature “just wanted to play volleyball today, OK?.” Another boy can be heard asking, “Does it hurt?”. “Looks like you have a friend for life,” says another girl present at the scene.

Porter, in the caption on Facebook, blamed the man for the stunt, saying, the “shark did not go after this guy. This guy grabbed the shark and the shark bite him. Hopefully, the lesson learned for this guy.”Lifeguard Brian Bricious was quoted saying by the local media reports that a terrified beach patron came looking for someone at the tower and informed that the guy needed help out on the sandbar after a shark clutched onto his arm with teeth. Martin County Fire also reportedly rushed to the scene. Officials with the department reportedly said that the man had agitated the shark by pulling it out of the water for long. Brocious was reported saying by US media that these sharks had to be provoked in order to attack. He added, they’re very docile, they’re very slow-moving, they’re easy to grab their tail or something like that.

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