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07/23/2020 - Ethan Davis 21 yr - Bahamas

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07/23/2020 - Ethan Davis 21 yr - Bahamas

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Ethan Davis shark attack Bahamas Shark Attack Spearfing shark attacks

Ethan Davis, 21, was spearfishing with his friends a few miles north of Spanish Cay July 23 when he was bitten by a reef shark and he captured the moment on film.

The group had speared several fish before heading about 200 yards south. Before diving down, Davis scanned the area to make sure no sharks were present. Seeing none, the avid waterman swam down to the bottom and speared a hogfish.

Davis looked around as he began the 20-foot ascent to the surface. He wanted to double-check to make sure no sharks were attracted by his shot and saw none. But, once his head hit the surface he felt something hit his right leg. At first he thought it was the hog fish.

“I realized I was holding the fish against my chest and looked down and saw the shark,” he told Tracking Sharks. “As soon as I hit the surface, he bit my right leg. The shark was trying to get the fish and I was in the way. It was about to bite my left leg, so I let the fish and spear go.”

The estimated 5- to 6-foot-long reef shark slid between Davis’ legs and grabbed the fish still attached to the spear and took off.

The avid surfer had been bitten on both legs around the knee and his dive buddy, who was descending about 20 feet away, was unaware of what just happened. The experienced spearo headed back toward the boat and alerted his dive buddy once he surfaced.

After making the 25- to 30-yard swim, Davis was given towels to wrap around his wounds.

“Our original plan was to go to Spanish Cay to see if there was a doctor there,” Davis said. There were no doctors available but, thankfully, an immigration officer offered to go with them to Coopers Town on Abaco. Once they arrived, she drove Davis to the clinic in her car.

Once the roughly hour-long journey was over, Davis was treated and received 43 stitches. Although the clinic had not been fully repaired from damage during the recent hurricane Dorian, he said hospital workers did a great job.

The event will not keep Davis from the water. He went spearfishing for the first time just two days ago.

“This whole event has taught me how important it is to dive safely and dive more cautiously,” he said. He also plans to make changes to the way he fishes, including using a float so he can abandon his gun or catch as needed.

Davis recommends carrying a fully stocked first-aid kit when going out on the ocean and having and emergency plan in place.

“Things can go from great to terrible in the blink of an eye and you need to be prepared for things to go bad if they do!!”

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