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07/31/2020 - Phil Mummert 28 yr - Australia

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07/31/2020 - Phil Mummert 28 yr - Australia

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Shark attack at Bunker Bay in Western Australia's South West leaves surfer with leg injuries
A man holds part of a surfboard bitten off by a suspected four-metre white shark.


Part of the man's surfboard was retrieved after it was bitten off by the shark in the attack.(Supplied: Paul Burke)

A man aged in his 20s has survived a shark attack while surfing at the popular Bunker Bay beach in Western Australia, about 260 kilometres south-west of Perth.
Key points:

The victim suffered leg wounds and his surfboard was bitten in half
He was attacked by a suspected 4m white shark "as big as a LandCruiser"
Fellow surfers helped him to shore and he was flown to hospital in Bunbury

A rescue helicopter was sent to the beach after the surfer was attacked about 2:00pm on Friday.

The man, named on social media as Phil Mummert and who is believed to live locally, suffered lacerations to his leg as part of his surfboard was bitten off.

Fisheries WA said the shark was thought to be a 4-metre white shark.

The man was helped from the water by other surfers and remained conscious throughout as he was flown to Bunbury hospital, accompanied in the helicopter by his girlfriend.
A man lies in a hospital bed making a 'hang loose' sign with one of his hands.
Phil Mummert was waiting to get "stitched up" in hospital after the attack, his girlfriend said.(Facebook: Mish Wright)

He remained in a stable condition in hospital on Friday night.
Victim's girlfriend praises rescuers

In a Facebook post, Mr Mummert's girlfriend said he was "doing okay" in hospital.
A surfer who was attacked by a shark is helped by paramedics and police as fellow surfers and witnesses stand around.
Mr Mummert was helped to shore by other surfers before receiving treatment from paramedics.(Facebook: Mish Wright)

"He was bitten by a shark at Bunker Bay this afternoon and got a few chunks taken out of his leg," Mish Wright said.

"I honestly don't know how a person can see a total stranger getting attacked by a 4m great white shark and swim towards to save him, so we are beyond grateful to everyone that helped save Phil's life.

"So lucky that Phil got away with his life and limbs and beyond lucky that we live in such a kind and caring community.

"So thankful for everyone who carried him to shore and for the ones that held his leg together for half an hour while waiting for the ambulance.

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts — thank you, thank you, thank you.

"We've been flown to the hospital and just waiting for him to get stitched up. Phil’s doing great and singing shark do do do do do do."
White shark 'as big as a LandCruiser'

Dunsborough surfer Paul Burke was at the beach at the time and said he was told to get out of the water because there had been an attack.
A hand-written sign pinned to a tree says beach closed due to shark attack.
A hand-written sign was pinned to a tree at Bunker Bay alerting people to the attack.(ABC News: Roxanne Taylor)

He said the shark took a big bite out of the man's board.

"He was left without his board and floating in the ocean by himself with a great white," he said.

Mr Burke said he was told the shark had a dorsal fin "a metre long" and "a big belly like a 44 gallon drum.

"[It was] as big as a LandCruiser-type car," he said.

Mr Burke said a fellow surfer came to the man's aid and helped bring him to the shore.

"That takes a lot of guts to paddle straight to the action," he said.
A great white shark
The shark that attacked the surfer is believed to be a four-metre white shark.(AAP: ScreenWest)
Shark spotted in water just before attack

Bunker Bay is a popular, picturesque beach not far from the tourist town of Dunsborough in WA's South West region.
A shark swimming off Bunker Bay
Bunker Bay is a popular tourist spot — this shark was captured on film there in 2015.(Supplied: Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter)

The bay is frequented by swimmers, fishers and surfers who take advantage of the popular Farm Break surf spot at the north-eastern end of the bay.

In 2011, bodyboarder Kyle Burden was killed by a shark at Bunker Bay.
Kyle Burden rides a wave on a bodyboard under a dark grey sky.
Kyle Burden was killed when he was attacked by a shark while bodyboarding at Bunker Bay in 2011.(Supplied: Sharon Burden)

A woman working at the nearby Pullman Bunker Bay resort told the ABC employees were asked to shift their cars from the carpark after Friday's attack, to make way for the rescue helicopter to land.

She said the man was taken to a nearby house to receive first aid while awaiting the helicopter.

It is understood another surfer reported seeing a shark swim beneath him shortly before the attack.

People have been urged to take additional care in the Bunker Bay area and to observe any beach closures.

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