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07/17/2020 - Lucas Arnott 10 yr - Australia

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Re: 07/17/2020 - Lucas Arnott 10yr old - Australia

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The mother of some 10-year old boy that had been torn out of a fishing vessel with a shark from north west Tasmania claims it shot his family a while to process what occurred.

Lucas Arnott is recovering in hospital following the eccentric assault around five kilometres off the shore of Stanley from the country’s north west Friday afternoon.

His father John jumped from the water, contested away the shark.

“He did a wonderful job. I am his dad and I’d say he’d (rescue his own life ),” Lucas’s grandfather David Arnott told me on Sunday.

“People who know John would understand he is a fantastic family man. It is exactly what I’d expect of some of my kids.”

Lucas underwent operation on Friday night after suffering cuts into his arm, torso and head and is now in a stable state in Launceston General Hospital.

Bystanders at Stanley, that includes a population of a mere few hundred individuals, gave Lucas initial help on coast until paramedics arrived.

“Thanks to all of those fantastic staff that have cared for him” Mr Arnott stated.
Breaking NEWS Victoria documents 217 fresh illnesses, hours after country's worst daily growth

“Lucas’s health is the main priority and people ask for some privacy and space for everybody involved.

“As you may know that, it was a jolt to our loved ones. It has taken us some time to digest what’s occurred.”

Mr Arnott stated Lucas was standing in the side of the ship when he had been assaulted and reports that the group had been cleaning fish in sea and also using berley were incorrect.

“Fishing has always been a pretty huge part of our family’s lifetime,” he explained.

“We know the essence of the ocean and also the possible dangers.”

The CSIRO is about to shoot photographs of Lucas’s life jacket along with the ship to attempt and work out the species of shark involved,” Mr Arnott stated.

“Hopefully we’ll find some replies ”

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07/17/2020 - Lucas Arnott 10 yr - Australia

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Tasmania shark attack Australia shark attack at Stanley in north-western Tasmania 10-year-old boy attacked by shark July shark attack in Tasmania Australia. Shark attacks boys arm shark attacks boys head and attacked his chest.

Tasmania shark attack: boy survives being 'grabbed' by a shark from a fishing boat
Ten-year-old was fishing with his father and two other men about 5km from shore when he was ‘grabbed from the boat’

A boy who was grabbed by a shark from a boat off Tasmania’s north-west coast has suffered arm, head and chest injuries.

The 10-year-old was taken to hospital on Friday afternoon following the attack near Stanley.

“The boy ... was aboard a six-metre vessel on a fishing expedition about 5km from shore with his father and two other men when a shark grabbed him from the boat,” Ambulance Tasmania said in a statement.

The boy’s father jumped into the water and the shark swam away, the statement said.

The boy was wearing a life jacket at the time of the attack. He suffered cuts and is reported to be in a stable condition.

A few hours before the attack police had issued a shark warning for the area.

“Please be advised there has been a large shark sighted in the Stanley area,” they warned.

“If swimming or undertaking fishing and other marine activities please take necessary precautions.”

Shark attack suspected after woman bitten at Fitzroy Island, near Cairns
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According to the Australian Shark Attack File, maintained by the Taronga Conservation Society, the last injury from a shark bite in Tasmania was in 2012.

Friday’s incident is the latest in a string of shark attacks in Australian waters.

A shark documentary-maker on Tuesday was mauled by a shark while swimming at a resort island during a day off in far north Queensland.

The 29-year-old woman was bitten on the left leg at Fitzroy Island near Cairns.

“I still love sharks, sharks are beautiful,” the woman told reporters as she was wheeled into Cairns hospital in a stable condition.

She suffered a possible fracture of the left ankle and some lacerations, paramedics said.

On Saturday, a teenager died while surfing at Wilsons Headland at Wooli Beach, off northern NSW, which was Australia’s fifth fatal shark attack this year.

The previous weekend, a 36-year-old Sunshine Coast man died after being mauled while spearfishing off Queensland’s Fraser Island.

Last month, the Gold Coast surfer Rob Pedretti, 60, died after he was attacked at Salt Beach at South Kingscliff in northern NSW.

A shark also killed the 23-year-old Queensland wildlife ranger Zachary Robba in April off North West Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Experienced diver Gary Johnson, 57, was killed by a shark near Cull Island in Esperance on Western Australia’s south coast in January.

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... shing-boat
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