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07/18/2020 - Kylee Orona 12 yr - Florida

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07/18/2020 - Kylee Orona 12 yr - Florida

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Kylee Orona shark attack Florida shark attack 12 years old attacked by a shark in Florida

A 12-year-old girl was celebrated by the Forney community on Thursday after surviving a shark attack in Florida.

Kylee Orona was playing in a fast-pitch softball tournament and went to the beach after the games. She and a friend were in the water on Monday when she says the shark bit her foot and pulled her under.

Kylee kicked herself free and her friend helped her get to the beach.

She spent three days in a hospital and said she never expected to see Thursday's homecoming surprise.

“I feel love,” she said.

Kylee's family says the road to recovery will be long, but she should be okay.

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