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05/08/2020 - Dylan Nacass 23 yr - Australia

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05/08/2020 - Dylan Nacass 23 yr - Australia

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French backpacker narrowly escapes death after being attacked by a shark while surfing at a popular Australian beach - only managing to survive after PUNCHING it twice in the face
French backpacker Dylan Nacass was attacked by a shark at Bells Beach, Victoria
The 23-year-old managed to escape after punching the animal in the face twice
His panicked screams can be heard in footage captured by a witness on shore

A French surfer is lucky to be alive after fighting off a shark with his fists during a close encounter captured on camera at a popular Australian beach.

Dylan Nacass, 23, managed to escape with only minor lacerations after a shark latched onto his leg while he was surfing at Bell's Beach in Torquay, Victoria on Friday afternoon.

The backpacker got away by punching the shark in the face twice.

Local surfer Matthew Sedunary rushed to help Mr Nacass after hearing the backpacker's shouts.

He told Nine News even though he didn't think the situation was serious he went to find out what was going on.

'At first I just thought he was having a laugh with his mates, then I saw the fin,' Mr Sedunary said.

The two paddled back to shore together as the shark continued circling.

Mr Nacass told the Geelong Advertiser despite the close call he's already looking to return to the water.

'In one week, when my leg is OK I will go surfing at the same spot,' Mr Nacass said.

'I fight with him and it's OK, I'm alive. Everything is good.

'I have my legs most importantly.'

The panicked screams of the french surfer can be heard in horrifying footage of the encounter captured by Graham Blade.

Mr Blade was filming another friend surfing when he overheard the shouts and focused his camera on the commotion.

He managed to capture the shark on film following the two into the shore for about 30 seconds.

In the footage local Matthew Sedunary has a big smile plastered on his face as he paddles to shore oblivious to the shark lurking only metres away.

He said he really wasn't aware of how close of an encounter he experienced until he looked back on the footage later.

'When we're paddling in and you can see the shark behind I didn't know it was still there,' he said.

He also revealed he's looking forward to returning to the water, revealing the shark continued to pester other surfers in the moments following the first attack.

'Was tempting to go straight back out because it was pretty decent, but glad I didn't coz it hung around and bumped another guy,' he said.

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