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04/10/2020 - Stacy Orosz-Davis - Florida

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04/10/2020 - Stacy Orosz-Davis - Florida

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Cocoa Beach woman recovering after bite from 6-foot bull shark Stacy Orosz is recovering after being bitten by a 6-foot bull shark in Cocoa Beach.

Tyler Vazquez, Florida Today Published 2:38 p.m. ET April 10, 2020

Stacy Orosz is recovering after being bitten by a 6-foot bull shark in Cocoa Beach.

Stacy Orosz and her husband have, like many these days, been working from home.

For the lifelong surfers, it’s only a quick walk from their beachside condo to the waves when they need to relax.

This Tuesday that’s just what they did.

Orosz and her husband Mike Davis paddled out past the break and were sitting on their boards around 10 a.m. near North First Street and North Second Street in Cocoa Beach.

“I saw a dolphin pop up out of the water pretty close so I figured there were fish around,” Stacy Orosz said.

“Suddenly I got hit pretty hard.”

She felt the pain in her foot and ankle before kicking what she estimated was a 6-foot bull shark. It breached the water and swam away as the couple paddled back to shore.

Once on the beach, her husband used his shirt to apply pressure to the wound while a passerby called 911. Ambulances were there within 10 minutes to get her to a hospital.

“Everything happened pretty fast. Surfing is a passion and I love it so much and I definitely want to continue,” she said. “I just think about it as a freak injury.”

Orosz said her injury was treated quickly and that she had to have surgery on a severed artery before being released

Her doctors told her she will need physical therapy after the shark hit a nerve, and her husband is doing all the cooking as she directs him from the living room.

For all her trouble, she bears no ill will toward the shark. “I hate to blame it on the bull shark,” she said.

The Hawaii native has also lived in Southern California, where she and her husband met. She cut her teeth surfing in the same waters as large tiger and white sharks

“I always used to joke that Florida just had ankle biters and that’s quite literally what happened,” she said, though she admits it would have been nice if it hadn’t cut an artery.

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