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03/02/2020 - Iliuta Naceva 26 yr old - FIJI

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03/02/2020 - Iliuta Naceva 26 yr old - FIJI

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Terror In Sea, Diver Lucky To Be Alive

by shratika naidu

A farmer and part-time diver is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a shark, says his
young brother, Poate Ratulevu.

Mr Ratulevu, also a farmer, said brother Iliuta Naceva told him that it happened all over
sudden when he was diving for fish at Tawake, off the Cakaudrove coast in Vanua Levu last

The attack was so ferocious that Mr Naceva suffered deep injuries to his right arm. He was
rushed to Labasa Hospital where he is recovering.

But Mr Ratulevu said the seriousness of the wound would keep Mr Naceva at the men’s
surgical ward for at least a month.

Mr Naceva was still in pain and in a state of shock and would not comment last night. Prayer
sessions were being held to help him recover.

Mr Ratulevu said: “My brother told us that it was very painful experience and it was the first
time he had been bitten by a shark. I don’t think he is going back diving when he recovers.”

“He is also a farmer, but that day he was out diving with two men who managed to help pull
him out,” he said.

“We are very grateful that he is alive as he is a father of two children and the wife is a nurse
and they would need his support.”

This is the first shark attack incident in the Northern Division so far this year. It is not known
what sparked the attack because the area is generally regarded as safe.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Fisheries is advising divers to be cautious.

It said sharks only attacked people if their habitat was being disturbed.

Sharks would swim away after one bite, it added.

“Shark attacks happen worldwide between 8am and 6pm and mostly on weekends during the
warmer seasons of the year,” it said in a statement.

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