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08/19/2007 Unknown Male (Florida)

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Purple flags signal dangers in water

NEW SMYRNA BEACH — Purple flags are flying over Volusia County beaches warning bathers of dangerous creatures in the water.

Tuesday afternoon, a 19-year-old surfer became the 10th victim of a shark bite this year. He was in the water about 500 yards south of Ponce de Leon Inlet shortly after 3:30 p.m. when his right heel was grabbed by something.

The Apopka man, who was not identified, declined ambulance transport to the hospital, Beach Patrol spokesman Scott Petersohn said. He left the beach with family or friends after being treated by lifeguards.

The bite is the second in two days. Another unidentified teen from Orlando was surfing near 28th Avenue on Sunday afternoon when he was nipped on the foot by a 3- to 4-foot shark.

“This is getting a little ridiculous,” Petersohn said.

While both wounds were very minor, he said, conditions are ripe for additional cases of “mistaken identity.”

“The water is murky. The waves are up and there is a lot of bait in the water,” Petersohn said. “Mix that with dangling or splashing feet” and that is a recipe for bites, he said.

New Smyrna Beach may be notorious for such encounters, but he stressed he does not believe people are on the sharks’ menu.

Sharks are not the only hazard. Petersohn said officials believe they have identified the jellyfish that has caused so many stings this summer.

“We think they are sea nettles,” he said.

Because of the jellyfish and baitfish sharing the ocean with swimmers, Petersohn said guards will continue to fly warning flags.

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Volusia County Shark Attacks Climb To Double Digits

POSTED: 4:31 pm EDT August 22, 2007
UPDATED: 11:45 am EDT August 24, 2007

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The shark bite capital of the world is living up to its name this year.

An Apopka man became the 10th victim along the Volusia County shoreline on Tuesday.

The Apopka swimmer was bitten on the ankle as he came out of very shallow water.

Sunday, a swimmer was bitten on the foot in water that was waist deep.

None of the shark bites since January have been very serious, but the frequency is alarming.

Beach patrol officers regret the double-digit numbers only halfway through the year and because of water conditions in the area, there could be even more shark bites this year.

"Water temperature is up, it's murky, churned up. Lots of bait fish cruising around and um, you know it happens," Capt. Scott Petersohn of Volusia County Beach Patrol said.

It most often happens on the New Smyrna Beach side of the inlet.

The inlet holds bait fish, which juvenile sharks hunt.

The inlet is also the most popular surf spot.

"It's a mistake, it's mistaken identity. Our bites are one hit usually, a bite, they realize, the shark realizes they bit something bigger than they are and they swim off never to be seen," Petersohn said.

Sharks are not the only problem, there are also dangerous rip currents along the Florida coast.

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