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06/30/2007 Katina Zinner (California)

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06/30/2007 Katina Zinner (California)

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Shark Research Committee reports Bel Air shark attack

Will Rogers State Beach, California Shark Attack

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 July, 2007 : - - On June 30, 2007 Katina Zinner was swimming off Will Rogers State Beach about 20 yards from shore directly in front of the Bel Air Bay Club, which is North of the Temescal/ Will Rogers State Beach and South of the surfing beach at Sunset Beach. It was about 10 AM and she had been in the water 50 minutes.

Zinner was wearing a bikini with silver jewelry; including anklets, bracelets and large silver rings. Water and air temperatures were estimated to be in the mid-60s and 80’s respectively with a clear sky. Three fishermen were observed on the rocks in front of the Bel Air Bay Club. The ocean was flat over a sandy, flat bottom, 20 – 30 feet deep.

Zinner recounted; “While swimming I felt an enormous clamp down bite sensation and very, very strong tug. I was in a very meditative state as I usually am when I swim and this just bolted me into panic. I yanked my left hand out of its mouth instinctively and swam to shore immediately hyperventilating for a few minutes, then collecting myself and began swimming more slowly towards shore.

I lost a sliver ring about an inch long. I have bite marks from the top of my ring finger to the lower part of my palm. Once I reached the shore I immediately went to the fishermen who were aware that something was wrong. They had been fishing there and noticed I was wearing silver jewelry and suggested this may have been an unintentional lure to the shark that bit me.

I reported the incident to the staff at the Bel Air Bay Club and then proceeded to do the same with the lifeguard at Sunset Beach who bandaged me. I never did see the shark.” Sharks are known to frequent this area from March thru September, although sightings have occurred as late as December.

Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.


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