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05/14/2022 - Boat Attack - Australia - No Injury

Posted: Fri May 20, 2022 10:15 pm
by alb
GET A GRIP Incredible moment monster shark sinks its teeth into fishing boat’s propeller and doesn’t let go

Four fishermen were enjoying their annual angling trip in Coral Bay, Western Australia, when the fearsome three-metre creature took a liking to their vessel.
The shark locked its jaws onto the propeller

The shark locked its jaws onto the propeller

It bit down for five minutes before giving up and swimming off

The bemused group unwittingly caught the predator on one of their lines on Wednesday.

They were forced to grapple with the beast for an hour before the bronze whaler shark emerged from the water and wrapped its jaws around the propeller at the back of the charter boat.

The giant shark kept its teeth locked on the propeller for five minutes as it attempted to eat it before finally giving up and swimming off.

In footage of the incident, one of the fishermen can be heard exclaiming: "He is a monster.

"He has chomped the motor.

"Oh man, this is nuts."

Captain Matt Zen told 9News he would never have expected a shark to munch on his boat in his "wildest dreams".

He said: "He took a liking to the engine and he hung on there for a good few minutes.