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03/14/2020 - Kayak - New Zealand - No Injury

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:23 pm
by alb
Auckland Kayaker's Close Encounter with Great White Shark

Steve Dickinson was fishing just off Stanmore Bay from his kayak when he was investigated by an unexpected visitor. A 2.5m+ great white approached him while at anchor only 800m from the popular Auckland beach. His first response was a few expletives and a couple of slashes with his paddle. The shark was not deterred, however, and it soon started nudging the front of his kayak, the full size of the animal now clear for Steve to see.

To his credit, Steve kept his cool. He ditched his berley bag, and when the shark turned its back on him for a brief moment, grabbed his knife and cut the anchor rope. He then started his paddle towards shore. Unfortunately, the great white was not done with him yet and decided to chaperone him back to safer water. It continued to nudge his kayak, but thankfully the contact was near Steve’s centre of gravity so he was able to keep his balance. A bigger nudge nearer the back or front, and things could have ended a lot differently.

Thankfully, the shark lost interest as Steve arrived in the shallows of Stanmore Bay beach. Steve has now made the understandable decision to sell his kayak, not wanting to repeat this experience any time soon.