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10/04/2019 - Rain Williams - Guam

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 6:44 pm
by alb
Surfer gets nipped by shark in Talofofo Bay

Shark attack! Surfer and waterman Rain Williams says he was paddling across the mouth of Talofofo Bay with a friend when he had a close encounter with a shark.

"I fell off the board and I was in the water for a few seconds maybe 10 seconds," he said. "Then I grabbed on to my board the shark had bumped my board couple times maybe three times and while I was in the water. I felt it swim by me earlier it must have bumped up against me and left some teeth marks on my leg, my left thigh."

Williams said he thinks it was a juvenile shark that stayed close to the surface, saw him and got interested. He is an avid surfer and waterman, and he tells KUAM the incident won't keep him from hitting the waves or water.

"I do plan to go surfing again, diving probably, it's not going to keep me from going out in the water," he said.

After the shark attack, Williams says he was able to go home on his own. He says there was some minor swelling, but for now, he's staying out of the water to avoid an infection.