11/23/2019 - Male - Mexico

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11/23/2019 - Male - Mexico

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A fisherman was attacked by a shark in the open sea in front of the town of Barra Vieja, in the rural area of ​​Acapulco, which cut off part of his arm and then admitted to the hospital of El Quemado of the Secretary of Health of Guerrero to receive care medical

According to information from some eyewitnesses, the attack occurred shortly before 3:00 pm, about 40 nautical miles when the fisherman was disengaging the shark from the fishing gear that they place in the open sea.

Based on what was reported by the authorities, the injured person was taken out in Puerto Marqués and then transferred to the hospital where at half past five in the afternoon they reported him out of danger and that he was in an operating room.

The previous shark attack recorded in Guerrero, occurred last March 21 at Manzanillo de Troncones beach, in the municipality of La Unión, in the region of the Costa Grande de Guerrero and suffered by an American tourist surfing on the beach.

Years ago, on April 29, 2008, another 24-year-old American tourist, Adrián Ruiz, was also attacked by a shark in front of a hotel on the same beach, when he was surfing near the shore.

In that year, there were three more attacks, one in Troncones, another in Playa Linda and one more in Pantla, two of the surfers died.

In 2016, Civil Protection personnel flew over the coast of that municipality in a helicopter, as well as part of Petatlán and La Unión, in search of shark spots, after the image of a shark that became entangled spread on social networks in a fishing net on Troncones beach.

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