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01/17/2018 - Rafeek Mohammed - Trinidad ***Fatal ***

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:17 pm
by alb
Arm, leg, where is the rest of Rafeek's body?
A SEARCH has been mounted by police officers on Trinidad's north-eastern for body parts.

Officers of the Sangre Grande and Matura Police Stations began combing the beaches on Sunday when an arm was dis-covered washed ashore at Rincon Beach, an area considered part of Matura Bay.
A leg was also found that evening at Balandra beach, but reported to police the next day by a man fearful of what he saw.
The arm and the leg are to undergo Deoxy-ribonucleic acid testing, police said, to determine whether they match.
The only similarity they bear so far by visual examination is that both were cleanly severed below the joint. Neither have identify-ing marks such as tattoos or scars. A senior officer said that the main investigation remains in the hands of the CID department, but would be handed over to homicide detectives when a body is found. Police fingerprint records have identified the hand belonged to Rafeek Mohammed, a 53-year-old man. His last address known to the police is Wilson Road, off Clarke Road, Penal. The police records reflect that in November 2010 he was charged by Matura police with the offence of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Investigators are uncertain on the outcome of the case. On Tuesday the Express visited the area of the address given to police. Residents said they did not the recognise name of the man as anyone living in their community, nor were they aware that any-one within that age group had been missing. Police are appealing to family members to come for-ward and assist in their investigations. Anyone with information can contact Sangre CID at 691 0133, or Matura Police Station at 668 4511. SOURCE: Daily Express (Trinidad), January 17, 2018 ... feeks-body