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01/12/2018 - Ricardo Ferrari Bulhões - Fernando de Noronha - Island near Brazil

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:06 pm
by alb
Surfer suffers shark incident in Fernando de Noronha

Ricardo Bulhões

The surfer took 15 stitches on his arm (Photo: Ana Clara Marinho / TV Globo)

The tourist Ricardo Ferrari Bulhões, who is from Bahia and is 20 years old, went through a big scare this Friday (12), in Fernando de Noronha. The boy was surfing at Praia da Conceição in the late afternoon, when he fell off his board and was bitten by a shark. “I was surfing, I fell and I felt a tug, it didn't hurt, it was more pressure”, said Ricardo, who was accompanied by his father.

Shark Bite

The specialist identified the mark of a shark arcade on the boy's arm (Photo: Léo Veras)

The surfer was helped by the island's tour guide, Jefferson Cachorrinho. “I saw the boy leave the beach with a bleeding arm, I thought it was a cut with the board's keel, then I saw it was a bite. Then I brought the tourist to the hospital, ”said the guide.

Jefferson Cachorrinho and Jaime Bulhões

Jefferson Cachorrinho and Jaime Bulhões, father of surfer Ricardo (Photo: Ana Clara Marinho / TV Globo)

The tourist was treated at Hospital São Lucas, was medicated, had 15 stitches on his arm and was discharged. "We identified the injuries, performed a suture, x-ray, the general condition is good, so he was discharged," said Natália Campello, manager of Medium Complexity at Hospital São Lucas.

"We look for help from professionals who are on the island, we call the shark specialist, Léo Veras, to confirm that this was really a shark incident", said Health manager, Fernando Magalhães.

Veras has been a fishery engineer and shark researcher in Noronha for 28 years. “The information I collected leads me to believe that there was a defensive reaction from a shark. The boy fell on top of the shark, the animal grabbed his arm and spat. So the injury is mild and there was no muscle loss. I will analyze to identify the species of this incident, it can be lemon shark, tiger or reef. This is not an attack, it is an incident ”, analyzed Léo Veras.

The tourist was not scared. "I'm happy, I have a story to tell, I got a natural tattoo," joked tourist Ricardo Bulhões.