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11/25/2015 - Graham Hurley - Galapagos Islands

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:43 am
by alb
NARRATIVE: Graham Hurley had been in the water 45 minutes along with 11 others and was snorkeling on the surface. “The shark appeared swimming calmly on the bottom as it came around a rock wall corner and came in my direction” reported Hurley. “Then shark lunged toward me, grabbed my right flipper and pulled me vertical in the water.” The shark shook Hurley and attempted to submerge with him, but Hurley thrashed and the shark released his swim fin and dived to the bottom. “Then [the shark] returned and bit my left calf. During the struggle, I inadvertently kicked shark in face with my free foot and the shark disappeared. The entire attack was observed by group’s naturalist who was less than five metres away.”
INJURY: Two arcs of lacerations to left calf. No tissue lost.