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11/16/2015 - Aaron Conti - Florida

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:46 am
by alb
A surfer is recovering after being bitten on the foot by a shark off Playalinda Beach on Monday.

Aaron Conti said he was out for a day of surfing to clear his mind and relax.

"I like nature. It's God's creation. You see stuff," Conti said.

Conti said he was on his board early Monday afternoon when a shark grabbed his right foot.

"This is the first time I had a shark bite, but wasn't too bad. (It) felt like an electric shock hitting my heel," Conti said.

Conti said he rushed out of the water and called 911.

Emergency responders tended to Conti's wound. He elected to drive himself to the hospital for further treatment.

He said the incident has left him less fearful of sharks.

"As soon as this thing heals up I'm going back," Conti said.