10/28/2015 - Raymond Senensi - Hawaii

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10/28/2015 - Raymond Senensi - Hawaii

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MAKAHA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -
Ten-year-old Raymond Senensi says he "didn't panic" when a shark leaped out of the water while he was bodyboarding off Makaha and clamped down on his right thigh.

"I kicked him with this leg and then I kicked him in the nose. And then, I didn't panic," Senensi told reporters at a news conference Thursday, the day after the attack.

"The board pulled me back up," said the Nanaikapono Elementary fourth grader.

Senensi was seriously injured in the attack, which happened just before 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Senensi's mom, Shirita Moreno, is amazed by how her son was able to fight the shark off.

"I told my son to do that, kick him, poke his eye," she said. "I'm proud."

The 10-year-old said when he fought back, he saw the shark give up and swim away. He said the shark was about 6-feet long and gray and white.

Mike Ward, another bodyboarder, heard Senensi screaming for help in the water and rushed over to help.

"I said 'paddle towards me and I'll paddle towards you,' and I said, 'What's wrong?' And he said, 'A shark is following me.'"

An off-duty lifeguard was also surfing nearby and witnessed the attack.

"I saw this 10-year-old boy get bumped out of the water, and he started screaming, 'Uncle! Uncle! I got hit! I got hit!'," said Capt. Kelly Krohne.

Ward and Krohne were able to get to Senensi about 60 yards offshore in the breaking waves.

"Me and another person paddled over to him, looked at his leg," said Krohne. "He had three gashes on his leg. Looked at his thigh, and his thigh was open."

He also had open wounds on his calf and ankle.

Senensi's mother was at the showers when Senensi's siblings told her what happened. "By the time, I got to him, he was already with the lifeguard," she said. "I was terrified."

Senensi was taken to The Queen's Medical Center where he got dozens of stitches.

But less than 24 hours after the attack, he was able to grab crutches, stand up, and walk about 10 feet -- to the surprise of hospital staff.

Senensi doesn't have any permanent damage to his leg. Doctors say he'll be able to return to school on Monday.

But will he ever go back in the water? He's been bodyboarding for years and his family goes to the beach almost every day after school.

When asked whether he'd be back on his board, he shook his head "no."

His mother jumped in, "I think he will. Give him time."

This is the seventh shark attack in Hawaii so far this year, and the third on Oahu this month.

On Oct. 17, 44-year-old Anthony Lee was seriously injured when a shark bit his feet as he swam at Lanikai Beach.

And just a week earlier, 25-year-old Colin Cook lost his left leg and some of the fingers on his hand in a shark attack off a surf spot on Oahu's north shore called Leftovers.

The other incidents this year were:

On Sept. 20, a 27-year-old Kohala man suffered severe leg injuries when a 13-foot tiger shark bit him.
On April 29, a 65-year-old woman was killed while snorkeling off Maui's Ahihi Bay. The woman was in 20- to 35-foot-deep waters, and was about 200 yards offshore.
On March 18, a 60-year-old man suffered cuts to his forearm, left arm and thigh while standing in 4-foot-deep water off Hapuna Beach on the Big Island. Authorities said the man was bit by a 8- to 10-foot-long tiger shark.
On Jan. 27, a 20-year-old Maui man was bit by a shark he had caught while fishing in Lahaina.
There were six shark attacks in waters off Hawaii in 2014, and 15 in Hawaii waters in 2013.

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How would you deal with being severely injured by an animal that may have wanted to consume you or just parts of you? A shark attack can be a mindboggling event in a person's life. We know we have been there!
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