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07/22/2015 - Rodolphe Arriéguy - Reunion

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:16 pm
by alb
Reunion shark attack on Rodolphe Arriéguy in 2015 -

About fifty people gathered yesterday afternoon in the surf spot of Saint-Leu, where Rodolphe Arriéguy was bitten by a shark last Wednesday.
No large effusions but people gathered around the family Rudolph. People who were there to provide the support of the "family of surfing". Through words taken from anonymous and associations. His family has also expressed: Rodolphe Arriéguy, which was amputated bar, s is fine and is happy to be alive, she has passed as a message.
The purpose of this gathering was also to raise funds for the victim and his family. "The surfing is prohibited, insurance does not indemnify Rodolphe after this accident," explained the organizing associations: Makes a nou sea sharks Protect our children and Prevention Meeting. Informed of this initiative, the prefecture had recalled that this type of collection was on public roads subject to authorization and, if not banned. So what was as it possible intervention of the police.
It has not happened, associations opted for pledges - which avoided any public exchange of money - then to materialize out of sight in private premises of the sailing. ... ieguy.html