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03/10/2015 - Fisherman - Mexico

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:20 pm
by alb
Fisherman Attacked by Shark
by Maureen Dietrich
11 Mar 15

What began as a normal day of fishing ended in a scary situation for three fishermen when they were attacked by a shark which injured one of them.
At approximately 10am, emergency services received a report from a boat 40 nautical miles off shore that one of the fishermen had been bitten by a white shark and needed to be transported to a medical facility.
The water rescue squad of the municipal police in coordination with Cruz Roja medics responded, meeting the boat six miles from shore where medics attended to the fisherman, later transporting him to a medical facility.
The fishermen told reporters they had captured a 40 kilogram white shark which attacked and bit one of them on the hand.
(from Noroeste)

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