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10/07/2014 - Female - Florida

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 8:31 pm
by alb
Woman bitten twice by shark off coast of Cape Canaveral

CAPE CANVERAL, Fla. — A woman was hospitalized Tuesday after being bitten by a shark off the coast of Cape Canveral.
Authorities said the victim was attacked along the shoreline off Washington Avenue near Cherie Down Park.
Channel 9's Jeff Deal learned the woman was bitten twice on the right thigh as she was standing in the water about 25 yards from shore.
Witnesses said they saw the woman fishing in the water when she started walking to shore with blood pouring off her leg.
One man told Channel 9 he took the shirt off his back, applied pressure and called 911.
Other witnesses said they could clearly see puncture wounds in the woman's upper thigh.
"There was just two bites on the upper thigh, about 3-4 inches apart," said witness Dick MacDonald. "Obviously shark bites. You could tell. (She was) bleeding pretty badly."
Witnesses said the victim was very quiet and they were worried she was going into shock. She was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.