05/27/2014 - Bianca Freeman - Australia

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05/27/2014 - Bianca Freeman - Australia

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SURFERS Paradise resident Bianca Freeman is claiming to have been attacked by a shark in the Nerang River, near the bridge to Chevron Island.

Ms Freeman said the incident happened after she had been playfighting with friends and ended up in the water.

She says a bull shark bit her on the left thigh and also injured other parts of her left and right legs.

“My friends pulled me out,” she said.

“There was blood pouring out everywhere.”

Ms Freeman described the whole experience as “surreal”.

“I really don’t remember it that well,” she said.

Ms Freeman has taken to social media posting images of bandaged wounds, bites and scratches that she claims were inflicted by a bull shark in the canals between Surfers and Chevron Island.

“Ever survived a shark attack? I have but my phone didn’t!” she wrote on Instagram alongside photos of her injuries on the weekend.

Ms Freeman joked she would now be known as ‘shark bait’ in another Instagram post.

Shark research scientist Dr Jonathan Werry said the wound appeared to have been inflicted by a single bite.

“The wound is pretty consistent with bull shark, around 1.2 metres.

“Looking at the tracking data is unfortunate that she happened to enter the water when the their activity is increased and in an area where there is a deep hole.”

Dr Werry said shark would have been drawn to Ms Freeman by the splashing and the treading water.

“It appears to have come from a single bite then the shark has withdrawn.”

Lifeguards were not notified as the incident took place in the canals.

Local emergency services have no record of the attack, which would be the first in Surfers Paradise in 55 years.

Chief lifeguard Warren Young said: “We have no record of a shark attack at Surfers. If something like this had happened, we would know about it, even if we were not on duty”.

The last known shark attack to have occurred in Surfers Paradise is believed to have been on November 22, 1959.

The victim was club member Geoff Sachse who was taking part in a club race.

In 1958 the last known fatal attack occurred on November 23 when a tourist was killed about 250m off shore despite the efforts of lifesavers to rescue the victim.

The man was Peter Gerard Spronk, he was 21.

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