11/12/2013 - Shaun Daly - Australia - No Injury

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11/12/2013 - Shaun Daly - Australia - No Injury

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Teen surfer tells of shark encounter

A 19-year-old surfer says a shark that nudged his surfboard about 50m off Trigg beach simply "had no fear" and was out to attack.

Shaun Daly was surfing off the beach for about an hour when about 3pm he decided to take a break and sit on his board to let the current take him out further.

Mr Daly, a former crayfish diver, said within two minutes of sitting on his board a shark, he believes it may have been a great white, swam underneath him.

"When it nudged me, it was like it just stayed there," he said. "Its head brushed my legs, it was real smooth, it didn't care, it had no fear.

"They've got rough skin and I felt the skin and it was like sandpaper on my feet and then I just looked.

"Automatically I knew (it was a shark), and I was like oh, boy.

"I looked down and I saw this massive head, I've seen a few sharks at work (on the Great Barrier Reef), but this was a big boy.

"As it was going down it must have nudged my board because I didn't see the dorsal fin . . . after that I just started paddling to shore." Once ashore the 19-year-old alerted a kite surfer before finding a lifeguard.

The Westpac Surf Life Saving helicopter could not find the shark.

Authorities closed Trigg beach for an hour as they tried to determine if it was still in the area.

Water Police and the Department of Fisheries are investigating Mr Daly's account.

"I don't care what they think," Mr Daly said.

"I know what happened out there, so they can think whatever they want."

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