04/09/2013 - Nick Eitel - French Polynesia

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04/09/2013 - Nick Eitel - French Polynesia

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NAME: Nick Eitel

He is a 53-year-old male from Seattle, Washington.
He is 5'8" tall and weighs 145 lbs.

He was wearing a shorty wetsuit, black with white trim, a wedding band on his right hand, and had a kite sailing harness around his hips. He had no injuries prior to the accident.

He was using a kite board manufactured by Slingshot, The board’s upper surface
was black and yellow, and the underside was yellow. The board had four small black fins.

The sky was partly cloudy and the air temperature was 85ºF. Wind direction was
northeast at 15 mph.

The sea was blue and clear, estimated underwater visibility was 30 feet.
Sea surface temperature was estimated to be 82ºF. There were swells and the current ran from inside the lagoon out to the sea. There is a 40 to 140-feet deep channel running north to south and the incident took place in the center east of the channel. The channel is favored by scuba divers and habitat for whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and other species..

Nick Eitel was alone on the water and had been kite sailing for about an hour.
“The wind was dying and I was about finished so I put the kite over my head and sat in the water. . . I had just barely touched the water with my body when I was bitten,” he said. He was facing seawards when the shark came from behind and made a single strike, and disappeared. The shark did not push him through the water, shake him or attempt to submerge with him.

The bite was immediately painful. Nick The rear section and fins of his board were damaged by the shark. His harness and wetsuit sustained punctures, and he sustained puncture wounds in his left hip, thigh and buttock, but considered it a minor injury.

Source: GSAF
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