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08/05/2013 - Christian Mercurio - Florida

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:59 am
by alb
Teenager hospitalized with minor injuries after something bites him.

A teenager was fishing in the water off Sanibel Island when something bit him this afternoon, causing lacerations in his right shin and left foot.

No one knows what bit the teenager – whether it was a shark or a smaller fish – but his injuries are minor, according to Sanibel Police Department Lt. William Dalton.

“The officer on scene said given the size of the bite, it couldn’t have been a very big fish,” Dalton said.

The incident occurred at Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 West Gulf Drive, at around 3:30 p.m.

When officers arrived the victim was out of the water and his parents had wrapped him in a towel. The victim was conscious and seemed calm, Dalton said. He was transported to HealthPark Medical Center.

“Every indication was that he was going to be fine,” he said.

The water was murky and no one saw the creature that bit the teenager, Dalton said.

But responding officers confirmed the injury appeared consistent with a bite, and did not appear to be caused by contact with rocks or other debris.

Officers have not closed the beach and are not issuing warnings to beach-goers.

“At this point in time,” Dalton said, “(there’s) no indication there’s anything to worry about, but just use general common sense and safety precautions.”


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Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:12 pm
by alb
SANIBEL, Fla. – A teenage boy fishing about 50 yards off of Sanibel Beach Monday was bitten by something in the water.

"The kid came running out of the water screaming shark, shark, shark," said Mike Shannon, who has been visiting Sanibel for 35 years. "It was definitely a big shark," added Fred Sorokin. “The shark had to have a mouth probably around this big,” he added as he widened his hands about 15 inches apart. “One of the paramedics said that she thought it was a Lemon Shark."

Over the last few weeks the water has turned dark brown due to heavy rains and water being released from Lake Okeechobee. His name has not been released but witnesses say he was fishing and using shrimp for bait, which he had in his pocket out in the surf.
"He sustained some laceration type wounds to his upper right calf, his right ankle area and another one on his left foot," said Lt. William Dalton of the Sanibel Police.
Dalton said there hasn't been a shark bite on Sanibel in four or five years and no one knows for sure what bit him. But others there are convinced it was a shark. "When I walked over to look at him clearly the bite marks were that of a shark,” added Shannon. When asked how he knew that he replied, “Just the pattern. You could see the bite marks were on two different appendages."
"It was definitely a shark bite,” Sorokin added. “And not a small shark either." The teenager, who was described as between 15 and 17 years old was taken to the hospital. "He was lucid and the officers described him as in good spirits,” Lt. Dalton added. “Maybe a little stunned and upset that this had happened but there wasn't any type of loss of blood that had any significant affect on him."
Some tourists we talked with said the incident won't affect their vacation. But others said it would, “Whoooo. Hmmm. Makes me a little nervous about going in the water," said Debbie Casalango, who is visiting Sanibel.
I couldn't help but ask these fishermen what they've been catching and everyone of them said, “mostly sharks.”

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Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:32 am
by alb
New Jersey Teen Says He Was Bitten by Shark While Fishing on Vacation in Florida
Christian Mercurio is recovering from the nasty wounds

A New Jersey teenager is recovering after he was attacked by what he believes was a shark while he was fishing in Florida.

Christian Mercurio, a rising high school senior in Randolph, N.J., was fishing in waist-high water off the coast in Sanibel, Fla. a week ago when his legs and feet were suddenly seized underwater.

"It felt like my feet were crushed by cement," he recalled.

He began screaming for help, and his mother, thinking he was joking around, told him to stop.

"My mom was like, 'Don't yell shark. You will cause a panic,'" Mercurio said.

But his mother, Lisa Mercurio, flew into action when she saw what was happening to her son. A registered nurse, she rushed to Christian's side.

"We sat him down, elevated his legs," said Lisa Mercurio. "Luckily, people started throwing us beach towels."

Florida investigators think it was a six- to eight-foot-long bull shark that went after Christian, most likely mistaking him for a fish in the murky water. The teeth missed major arteries, but they pierced his leg and left a wound on his foot.

Christian thinks the shark became more aggressive as he tried to escape, "once when I was fishing, and the second time as I was trying to run in," he said.

The Mercurios say they will go back in the water despite the ordeal, and all of them are grateful the run-in with the shark was a survivor story.

"It's still surreal," said Lisa Mercurio. "Definitely still shocked. He spend the week watching 'Shark Week.' I spent the week with nightmares."