06/14/2013 - Allison Foreman - South Carolina

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06/14/2013 - Allison Foreman - South Carolina

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SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Ten-year-old Allison Foreman describes the scary moment when she says a shark about four to five feet bit her.

"I saw it and then he bit me, and I actually tried to like push it away," described Foreman.

Foreman was boogie boarding with her step father and says she was waist deep when it happened.

"My daughter came up behind me and screamed that a shark bit her," said Mandi Nichole Wierzbicki, Forman's mother.

"I mean blood was running down her arm and down her leg. You could see the four teeth bites," added Wierzbicki. A lifeguard wrapped Allison's hand to control the bleeding, meanwhile onlookers like Beth Teague noticed the commotion.

"The little girl was running behind us with her hand wrapped. Very traumatized," recalled Teague.

Hurting from the sharp pain, Foreman's family rushed her to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

"The doctors looked at it and the physician assistant looked at it and they said, 'Yea, it's definitely a shark bite!'," added Wierzbicki.

"They took some x-rays of my hand to make sure nothings in it, and they basically just had to wrap it up and put some medicine on it," said Foreman.

A spokeswoman for Grand Strand Regional Medical Center says shark bites often times occur nearby piers. She advises swimmers should stay at a good distance away. This is a lesson Foreman and her family say they learned firsthand.

"Yea I think we'll be a little more cautious. I think we'll be a little bit further away from now on," said Wierzbicki.

On Friday, Foreman said the pain was no longer as intense. Doctors told Foreman the wound should heal soon. Foreman says she plans to get back on a boogie board when it does. Her parents prefer she stays close to the shore.

"Maybe if she goes into like her knees, but a little further than that, I'll probably be scared to death," said Wierzbicki.

A spokeswoman for Grand Strand Regional Medical Center says on average they treat about three shark bites every year. Last year it was a little higher. They treated five. She says this one could be the hospital's first shark bite of the year.

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