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Re: 02/26/2013 Adam Strange - New Zealand - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:16 am
by alb
Witnesses Describe Rare, Deadly New Zealand Shark Attack
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Ross Land/AP Photo

A New Zealand fisherman was one of many witnesses to a rare, deadly shark attack on a man swimming 200 yards offshore, west of Auckland.

“He just shouted out ‘shark,’ and the next minute we saw him rolling around,” Pio Mose, the fisherman who saw the attack, said. “There was blood everywhere on the water. First, there was one shark, but then after five or six minutes there were three sharks all over him, rolling him around.”

Mose said the victim raised his head as the first shark attacked him, and Mose and others onshore shouted to the victim.

“We yelled out at him to swim over to the rocks, and he raised his hand up,” Mose said. “The next minute he went down, the shark pulled him down.”

Rescue teams raced into the water in a desperate attempt to reach the swimmer. Tim Jago of the Life Saving Club said that when his team found the body, the sharks were still there.

“The police managed to distract the shark while we extracted the person from the water,” Russell Clarke of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Paramedic team said.

Police in boats took aim at the shark.

“My guy took a firearm, discharged his firearm at the shark,” said New Zealand Police Inspector Shawn Rutene. “We do not know if he hit the shark, but the shark rolled and disappeared.”

But it was too late. The victim, a man in his 40s, who has not been named, was dead. Rutene said that the man’s family was very upset and distraught.

Witnesses said the shark was huge. Experts who screened footage said the shark may have been more than 10 feet long.

“I think it’s most likely to have been a great white shark in this instance,” Craig Thorburn, a marine biologist, said. “In reality, the only sharks around New Zealand that ever really take on prey items as big as a person would be a great white.”

Re: 02/26/2013 Adam Strange - New Zealand - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:15 am
by alb
Victim was attacked by two sharks

By Yvonne Tahana of the NZ Herald,
Mon, 4 Mar 2013

A bronze whaler shark and a great white were both involved in the death of swimmer Adam Strange at Muriwai Beach last week, according to the chairman of the Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service.

Tim Jago was in charge of coordinating the lifeguard response to the fatal attack, and it was also up to him to formally identify the 46-year-old's body.

He excused himself from the funeral service being held this afternoon at the surf club to give a detailed account of the attack by the two species.

It was important to all involved that the exact chronology of events was put on the record, he said.

The two sharks involved were initially a bronze whaler and then a white pointer, said Mr Jago.

He said Mr Strange had phoned lifeguards at 12.36pm to say he intended to make a training swim a couple of times from Maori Bay to Muriwai's main beach.

Lifeguards saw him complete the first swim, then walk back along the track to Maori Bay.

At 1.15pm Mr Strange entered the water, Mr Jago said. "Almost immediately Adam was subjected to the first of two shark attacks by what we now know to have been a bronze whaler shark.

"It is apparent that Adam unwittingly swam into one or more sharks feeding in shallow waters close to shore.

"Within a very short space of time - 90 seconds - Adam was subjected to a second and fatal shark attack; this time by a white pointer."

Mr Jago said from the extent of Mr Stranger's injuries, his death was almost instant.

The white pointer then carried Mr Strange's body 300 to 400 metres towards the main beach.

Two lifeguards attempted a rescue, driving an inflatable boat into the white pointer and clubbing it with a paddle.

The pair realised Mr Strange was dead and decided it was too dangerous for them to remain because there were other sharks in the area.

Soon afterwards two more rescue craft were deployed and police fired 12 shots at the shark, as it was still "harassing the body".

Mr Jago said an analysis of video footage by emergency services gave him confidence the shark had been killed by the gunfire.

He said he understood there were a number of unique characteristics which had driven interest in the incident.

"Firstly the event was witnessed from start to finish. Secondly there has been a response to try and save Adam, something that's not often possible in shark attacks. Moreover we have Adam back, and that is not often the outcome in such events.

"Thirdly, there has only been one previously documented situation where a white pointer shark has operated in conjunction with a bronze whaler to attack a human."

Source: Otago Daily Times

Video At: ... oards.html

Re: 02/26/2013 Adam Strange - New Zealand - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:09 pm
by alb
Adam Strange, a well known filmmaker, died after being attacked by a shark off Muriwai Beach.
Adam Strange, a well known filmmaker, died after being attacked by a shark off Muriwai Beach.
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Re: 02/26/2013 Adam Strange - New Zealand - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:43 am
by helmi
Shark victim named

By Anna Leask AnnaLeask , Kieran Campbell KieranCampbell , Andrew Koubaridis A_Koubaridis
NZ Herald
Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

The victim of a fatal shark attack in Muriwai this afternoon was an award-winning television and short film director.
Local father-of-one Adam Strange, 46, has been described by family as a "glorious" person.
In a statement release tonight, they said: "The family are grieving the loss of a glorious and great father, husband and friend.
"We are in deep shock and are still trying to contact overseas family members, so discretion and privacy would be appreciated until the family are ready to make any further statements.''
Mr Strange's wife wife Meg was being comforted by friends and neighbours, many who bought flowers to their Muriwai home. The couple had a baby daughter.
In a biography on his website, Mr Strange said one of his short films, Aphrodite's Farm, set on a dairy farm in the 1930s, had been in 10 international film festivals in seven countries and last year won the Crystal Bear award for Best Short Film at the Berlin Film Festival.
He was also a finalist in the global Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival and the London International Awards.
Mr Strange began making television commercials in 1995 and went on to work as a director for Silver Screen Productions, in Auckland, for more than 10 years.
His work took him all around the world he says on the website, citing Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the US and Europe as some of the places he has worked in.
In his biography he describes his love of the outdoors and spending time with his family.
"When I get a spare five minutes, I like to make a fruit smoothy, surf some big waves out on the West Coast, point my skis down a mountain with Meg, haul my mountain bike up and down a few hills, drink some Pinot while scratching away at a film script."
A witness has described seeing a "huge" shark kill Mr Strange off Muriwai Beach on Auckland's west coast this afternoon.
Police have confirmed they shot and hit the shark, believed to be a great white, but said it swam away.
Pio Mose watched the attack unfold about 1.30pm while fishing with a group of men on the rocks between Maori Bay and Muriwai Beach.
He saw the "huge" shark attack a man alone swimming from the bay back to the beach about 50 metres from where he was standing.
"All of a sudden there was blood everywhere."
The man struggled with the shark before it swam away. He was keeping his head above the water before the shark returned.
"I yelled at him to swim to the rocks. There was blood everywhere. The water was red. It's pretty scary."
He said after the second attack three or four other sharks came to the area.
Mr Mose and the other fisherman watched as the shark took the man's body out to sea and when lifeguards eventually arrived they directed them to where the group of sharks were.
The man's body was later retrieved.
"It's awful - it's scary like a nightmare to me. I was shaking, scared, panicked," said Mr Mose.
He said he had never seen sharks in the area in the three years he'd been fishing in that spot.
"All I was thinking was I wanted to jump in the water and help but I didn't want to get attacked by a shark too."
Mr Mose said those who went out to retrieve the man's body fired about six shots at the shark.


A member of the public called police to report a man under attack by a shark at 1.24pm.
Police raced to the scene by road and the Eagle helicopter was also dispatched.
Eagle crew members spotted the shark while it was still near the man's body. A source told the Herald the Eagle stayed above the shark so police in the IRB could locate it.
Inspector Shawn Rutene confirmed police shot at the shark, measuring about 12-14 feet long, but could not say how many times.
The officer was out on the water in an IRB with three lifeguards - and Mr Rutene said one of them saw a second shark. It was unclear whether the second shark had been involved in the attack.
He said after being shot the shark "rolled away", but refused to say whether it was still attacking the man at the time.
Mr Rutene said the victim was a local man. His family were "devastated" and his wife was being supported by Victim Support and police at the scene.


Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service chairman Tim Jago fought back tears as he spoke about the fatal incident.
He said the dead man was well known to Muriwai lifeguards - including those who tried desperately to save his life.
Mr Jago would not go into the specific details about what the lifeguards on the IRB with police saw, but he said it was "traumatising".
The lifeguards were young, and were being offered support and counselling.
He said it was unusual for sharks to be at Muriwai, especially one this size.
"This is something completely shocking," he said.
All beaches on Auckland's west coast had been closed until further notice. The shark responsible for the attack had not been located.
"They've got every 'beach closed' sign they can get their hands on," said Mr Jago


Police believe the shark was likely to be a great white.
Dr Malcolm Francis, a NIWA Principal Scientist who studies sharks, told One News that based on the reports it is likely the attack was by a great white shark.
He said there are few other species that grow to 12-foot long - believed to be the length of the Muriwai shark.
He said great whites are known in the area and it is likely the shark mistook the person swimming as a seal.
Muriwai Beach is closed to the public until further notice.


02/26/2013 Adam Strange - New Zealand - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:26 pm
by alb
Fatal shark attack at Muriwai Beach

As many as four sharks may have been involved in a fatal attack on a swimmer at Muriwai Beach this afternoon.

A witness told 3 News he spotted the lone swimmer whilst he was out fishing at the beach, on Auckland’s west coast, shortly before 2pm.

The distressed man signalled for help when he was attacked by a shark, before he was pulled underwater.

At this point, the witness says three or four other sharks appeared in the area.

It is understood police in an inflatable boat used a firearm to drive the sharks away from the swimmer, who died from his injuries. The witness says “dozens” of shots were fired.

There are unconfirmed reports the body of one of the sharks has been removed from the water.

Auckland Council has closed the beach.

There have been 44 recorded unprovoked attacks in New Zealand since 1852, 11 of those have been fatal. The last fatal attack was in 2009.

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