09/29/2002 Dave Fogelberg (Florida)

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09/29/2002 Dave Fogelberg (Florida)

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Sharks Pull Surfers Off Boards
Victim: 'I Saw His Nose Peel Back And His Teeth Come Out."

POSTED: 5:52 am EDT October 1, 2002
UPDATED: 1:41 pm EDT October 1, 2002

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two surfers were pulled off their boards in separate shark attacks off the Central Florida coast, according to Local 6 News.

Dr. Dave Fogelberg was surfing with a friend Sunday morning in Sebastian Inlet in Brevard County, Fla., when an 8-foot shark grabbed his hand and pulled him into the water.

Todd Jurkowski Reports

"I remember him coming out of the water," Fogelberg said. "I saw him come out. I saw his nose peel back and his teeth come out."

The veterinarian received 70 stitches in his hand and arm from the attack, according to Local 6 News.

"(It) latched onto my hand," Fogelberg said. "(It) Pulled me down, pulled me off my board, pulled me into the water. "I was thinking that he's going to come after me again because I saw blood everywhere. I was sort of panicking a little bit."

Fogelberg was rescued by his friend and put back on his surfboard, Local 6 News reported. Both paddled in and then they went for medical help.

"They put a quick impromptu bandage and we rushed to the emergency clinic," Fogelberg said.

Fogleberg is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

A 47-year-old surfer was also attacked by a shark Monday in Volusia County, Fla., while wading in water off the old Ormond Pier, Local 6 News reported.

Matt Crawford was also pulled off his board when a shark bit his hand.

Crawford said that he had to pry his fingers out of the shark's mouth. He received several stitches and was released, according to Local 6 News.

Researchers said that there have been 22 shark bites in Florida this year. Three of them have been in Brevard County.


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