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11/22/2012 - Cárdenas García - Mexico - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:01 am
by alb
Fatal Shark Attack in Mexico

Lifeguard Attacked and Killed by Shark off Sinaloa Coast

By Maureen Dietrich, The Mazatlan Messenger,
22. November 2012

Altata, Navolato: Media reported today that 32-year-old lifeguard Cárdenas García was attacked by a shark at 11:40am off the Nuevo Altata beach after cutting rope that had entangled him in high waves.

The young lifeguard was rescued by his compañeros but died of the wounds in the hospital.

Local lifeguards and rescue personnel said this shark attack was very unusual, an isolated incident.

Juan Acereto, President of the Sinaloa Association of Sports Fishing, suggested that as there were seals in the area, they might have attracted the large predator, which could have been a white shark, a mako or a cornuda. He added that sharks are usually found in open water, not in the bahía.

Professor Leobardo Plomosa of the Faculty of Ocean Sciences advised there have been few instances of shark attacks in Mexico or Sinaloa.

Civil protection in Navolato closed the beach to swimmers for the next three days. (from Noroeste) ... exico.html

Re: 11/22/2012 - Cárdenas García - Mexico - *** Fatal ***

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:07 am
by alb
Sinaloa beaches closed for alleged shark attack
Apparently a shark attacked a lifeguard, who died in hospital in Navolato
Culiacan, Sinaloa (22/NOV/2012.) - Authorities shut down for three days Navolato beaches Cortes
Island (New Altata), after which, it seems, a shark attacked a lifeguard, who died in hospital
Security Social of the municipality.
Civil Protection Director of Navolato, Navarrete Roy Cuevas, said in an interview, that from the time
the events occurred, were banned over the swimmers at local beaches.
The lifeguard who died was called Francisco Cardenas Garcia, 32 years old, residing in port Altata.
Apparently he was attacked by a shark between 50 and 80 kilos and is 2.5 meters long, which
made a deep wound that covered the leg, calf and left buttock.
The incident occurred around 11:40 pm yesterday, after he had thrown overboard to cut a dinghy
that was entangled with the pounding of the surf.
Along with the security personnel Cortes Island, Civil Protection elements perform monitoring tours,
morning, noon and night, for any shark that can represent danger to bathers.

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