07/31/2012 John Campion - Australia

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07/31/2012 John Campion - Australia

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Shark attacks man at Streaky Bay, South Australia
Published by ABC West Coast SA,
31. July 2012

Locals suspect a man was attacked by a Great White Shark while surfing near Streaky Bay on the State’s West Coast this afternoon.

The man in his late forties was flown to the Royal Adelaide Hospital after he was bitten on the arm at about three-o’clock this afternoon.

SA Ambulance said he suffered significant upper arm lacerations and blood loss, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

Local surfer and fisherman Jeff Schmucker was at the beach when the shark attacked, and said there was little warning.

“I spoke to one of the guys who was in the water with him and he’s a reliable source, he’s been a long time fisherman on the West Coast.

“He said it was a large Great White and he said the shark just attacked out of the blue and just launched into the guy, into his side, and miraculously the guy appears to have survived it.”

Mr Schmucker said there were about seven surfers in the water when the attack occurred.

He said surfers and onlookers looked shaken as they helped the shark victim off the beach.

“By the time I saw the other six guys that carried the victim on a surfboard, they were shaken up obviously, and quite puffed of getting through the heavy sand carrying a guy on a surfboard.

He said the attack would have an impact on the West Coast surfing community.

“It’s shake up the people that are surfing here and they’ll be some people pulling back that’s for sure.”

Source: abc.net.au
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