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Re: 07/06/2012 Jacque Mostert - South Africa

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:35 pm
by alb
Screams tell of shark attack
TORN: Jacques Mostert, 29, who was attacked by a shark near Stilbaai on Friday. Photo: FACEBOOK
TORN: Jacques Mostert, 29, who was attacked by a shark near Stilbaai on Friday. Photo: FACEBOOK
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TORN: Jacques Mostert, 29, who was attacked by a shark near Stilbaai on Friday. Photo: FACEBOOK

Shark savages surfer in Stilbaai
A Stilbaai surfer has given a dramatic witness account of Friday’s shark attack on a 29-year-old Centurion chartered accountant at Jongensfontein Beach, about 20km from Stilbaai.

Hendrik Gesbach said he had been surfing about 5m from Jacques Mostert when the attack occurred.

“We were about 20 to 30m from the shore… I heard screams coming from behind me and… I thought: shark attack.

“I couldn’t see the shark directly but I could see its fins thrashing in the water. Its mouth was latched onto the surfboard. I could see some blood sprays but couldn’t tell how badly he was injured.”

He said the shark eventually let go of the board but continued to circle Mostert, who by this time, bleeding and severely injured, was making his way to the beach on what was left of his board. His friends were watching aghast from the beach.

Gesbach said muscle tissue was clearly visible in the deep gashes on Mostert’s thigh and back.

“He was losing blood fast and something needed to be done or he would’ve died on the beach.”

He and Mostert’s friends used two belts and a torn waterproof vest as a tourniquet, and called for help.

“He was still losing a lot of blood and we wanted to get him to a hospital immediately. We tried to move him on to my board and carry him to my bakkie but, as soon as we tried to lift him, the blood started gushing out,” Gesbach added.

The group of surfers tried to keep Mostert conscious while they waited for help.

About 15 minutes later, NSRI rescuers arrived and stabilised him.

Rico Menezies, NSRI station commander, said Mostert would not make it to the Riversdale or Mossel Bay hospital, both about 90 minutes away, and needed to be stabilised immediately.

“We decided to take him to our base, where our doctors could treat him until an ambulance from Mossel Bay arrived.”

Menezies said the situation had been “touch and go”.

“At one point he said he felt water on his back and asked us to cut through his wetsuit to let it out. But, when we cut the suit, it was blood – a lot of it.”

Menezies said an examination revealed four puncture wounds, one of which was estimated to be 25cm long and 8cm wide.

IV drips were administered before the ambulance arrived to take him to Bay View Hospital in Mossel Bay.

The beach was still stained with blood when Weekend Argus arrived yesterday.

Mostert’s friend, De Wet Burger, told Weekend Argus Mostert was expected to be released later this week.

“He’s been given pain medication to help him sleep. Other than that, he’s fine. He was fully conscious through the entire ordeal and is very grateful he was able to make it through alive.”

He said the group of friends was on holiday in Cape Town and went surfing at Jongensfontein, also known as The Kakgat, on Friday. - Sunday Argus

07/06/2012 Jacque Mostert - South Africa

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:23 am
by alb
Surfer attacked by 4.6-metre shark

A SOUTH African surfer survived an attack by a shark measuring up to 4.5 metres at a popular beach on Friday, rescuers said.

Jacque Mostert, 29, was attacked and injured while he was surfing during a holiday in Stilbaai in Western Cape province, Rico Menezies of the National Sea Rescue Institute said in a statement.

"He was surfing with friends and his fellow surfers, who reportedly witnessed the incident, removed him from the water," said Mr Menezies.

He said the shark of unknown species of between four to 4.5 metres bit him in his leg and he was taken to hospital suffering serious cuts and blood loss.

His condition was described as "serious but stable".

Shark attacks in South Africa are less common but more often fatal than other shark international hotspots like Australia and the United States.

The country accounts for one-third of the 24 deaths worldwide on the International Shark Attack File for the past three years.

In April, a young Cape Town bodyboarder died after his leg was bitten off at a remote surfing spot.