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Re: 12/11/2011 Steven King ( Australia )

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:28 pm
by alb
Shark spares NSW surfer,

A surfer has had a lucky escape after a shark took a bite out of his board while he was in the sea off the NSW coast.

Stephen King was taking an early morning surf near the village of Angourie when the shark swam up and lunged at him.

He quickly pulled his legs out of the water, saving them from major injury, and escaped with only minor puncture wounds.

His board fared less well, ending up with a large chunk out of one side and in two pieces.

Mr King said: 'There was just a bang from the side and I went cartwheeling through the air, then there was this thrashing beside me.

'I'm probably the luckiest guy on two legs at the moment. Yeah, unbelievable,' he added as he showed off his damaged board.

Hours after the lucky escape, children were swimming on the same beach.

Experts warned that people must take care when entering the sea, which is ultimately a shark's domain.

'You've got to be realistic. This is their territory and we're just the visitors,' said Vic Peddermors, a researcher from the government Department of Primary Industries.

Safely back on shore, Mr King laughed with his friend about the close call and said: 'I'm blessed.'

He has agreed to allow his board

12/11/2011 Steven King ( Australia )

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:51 am
by alb
Shark attack at Angourie – New South Wales – Australia

Shark attack at Angourie on Steven King

A SURFER had a narrow escape after a shark bit a chunk out of his board as he was paddling out at Angourie this morning. It is understood the surfer was one of only two in the water at the time. It is understood the shark took a bite out of the board and the man received minor injuries as a result. He paddled back to shore where he met a highway patrol vehicle and was taken to Maclean hospital for a tetanus shot. The piece of foam bitten from the board later washed onto the beach. Parents prevented their children from entering the water after the attack.
5 punctures on suit
5 punctures on suit
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Source Shark Year Magazine