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10/20/2011 Bobby Gumm ( Oregon ) No Injury

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:59 am
by alb
Oregon Surfer says shark chomped through board
By KING 5 News,
20. October 2011

NEWPORT, Ore. — A great white shark could be responsible for buying an Oregon surfer a new surfboard.

According to friends, Bobby Gumm, was surfing off South Beach, by the south end of Newport, Oregon, around noon on Thursday.

An experienced big-wave surfer, Bobby was about 600 feet off the shore when he said he was attacked by what he believed was a great white shark, 16-feet long.

Bobby, uninjured by the close encounter with the shark, was helped out of the water by another surfer. His board was in bad shape, with a massive bite mark taken right out it.

Bobby and his best friend Kevin, both chefs at Bay 839 Restaurant in Newport, took the surfboard to a local shop, where the pictures were taken.

The restaurant now plans to permanently display the surfboard.

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